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Container Ship

Project Logistics


Project specialists in Ellipse Trans Logistics offer solutions for professional handling of oversized and
heavy cargo. This coupled with all the necessary equipment and experts to handle the most complex road
haulage projects make our company the partner of choice for our clients.
Transportation of odd and over-dimensional cargo to project sites in India as well as overseas, and
ensuring that the equipment is duly returned to the principal constitutes the core of project cargo handling.
Movement of project cargo requires special equipment and handling, as it does not fall within standard
measurement or method.
Ellipse Trans Logistics realizes this through the combination of expertise, knowledge, and experience.
Our experience enables us to identify the most cost effective route, allowing our client to ensure the
timely delivery of their equipment as well as security of it while in transit.
Depending on cargo and route requirements, the scope of services can be extended to encompass inter-
modal solutions, as well as customs clearance and reporting capabilities. This gives us an edge as
incomplete or wrong customs documentation can cause considerable delay and cost to the delivery
process, reducing supply chain reliability.
With the advent of containerization, a major proportion of world cargo in now being transported in
Standard units such as containers. However, still a significant volume of cargo (machinery, equipment

and building materials) is being transported on break bulk basis due to the special handling requirements
owing to the size, weight and nature of these items.

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